So Much More Than …

God is the reason I can do anything and the reason that I do anything. He is in all and above all. Whether you believe in a High Power, the Universe, or coincidence, you will find something in my blog that will resonate with you.

a wife, mother, daughter, sister, boss, co-worker, Jesus-follower, dog-owner, cat-lover, minivan driver, Dyslexia advocate, skiier, failed teacher, business owner, writer, reader, friend

The trouble I’ve experience with trying to introduce myself is that I’m never quite sure which part of myself to introduce. No, I don’t have split-personalities. I’m just your average, complicated American woman. I fill a dozen different roles and wear a gazillion different hats throughout the course of a single day or week. This makes it difficult to introduce myself to a general audience; I lack the context clues necessary to explain who I am and what I do. So check out my blog to get a better sense of why you’d care about what I have to say.

A few of the official things I do


Aspiring Writer

Business co-owner



Founder of Shannon Family Automotive
(2011 – Present)
Wrote a business plan, attempted to get a loan, supported my business partner, marketing, public relations, downplayed my role, etc.

(2008 – Present)
Carried and birthed 4 children in 5 years, changed diapers for 8 consecutive years, taught early language acquisition, provided opportunities to acquire fine motor skills and gross motor skills, worried, planned, advocated, cleaned, clothed, fed, enabled, etc.

English Teacher
Taught high school English for a few years. Connected with some students, bombed with others. Ultimately realized that while I love to teach and public speaking is my passion, the constraints of the high school classroom made it a poor fit