A Hobby

When I was working my way through postpartum depression by talking to a counselor once a week, I was asked a profound question: what do I do for fun? I was so genuinely puzzled by the question that the counselor rephrased: do you have any hobbies? Apparently, it’s important to have a hobby, an activity that is just for fun. Since that day in the counselor’s office (where my answered turned out to be, “no, I have a baby”) I have intentionally cultivated hobbies in my life. And it has made a tremendous difference!


This is the first hobby I picked up after having children. Before children my “hobby” was working. After becoming a stay-at-home-mom that hobby didn’t cut it any more. So I bought a book titled Learn to Crochet in Just One Day, a skein of yarn, a few hooks and an actual hobby was born.

Bible Study

Studying the Bible is not something most people would consider a hobby but I do. Why? Because it’s something I enjoy doing and that I never feel like I do often enough. Isn’t that the definition of a hobby?!


I love to garden! It’s in my blood; I tried to resist it for a long time (all through college and well into adulthood), but ultimately I couldn’t deny how much joy it brings to my life. This is a picture of my front garden at the end of summer. I have anchor plants but change the others every season.