About Me

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures to tell you about who I am and what I do.

I am a wife, homeowner, and mother of 4 daughters
I love beer!

It’s an interesting exercise to try to explain who you are in a few sentences or pictures. I quickly realized that none of these experiences adequately capture who I am as a person. That’s a large part of why I named my blog You Are So Much More Than _______________ (fill in the blank). The idea of just being one thing (wife. mother. sister. teacher. mechanic.) never sat well with me. We are all such complex beings that no one fits in a box. In fact, my biggest relationship issue is with people who try to put me in a box and not let me out; I am not just the sum of my parts – I am everyone one of the parts and the sum. Life is too complex to think that one or two opinions, jobs, roles, or relationships define us. And so, you will find throughout my blog that I am so much more than you first believe.

Skiing is one of my all-time favorite pass times.
I am a small business owner.
I enjoy the theater, especially musicals.
I enjoy spending time studying the Bible.
Being outdoors makes me happy!
Volunteering at my kids’ school is fun for me.
I try to travel as much as possible, especially to Europe.