A Wife

Married to my soulmate since 2003

Calling myself a wife was something that took a little getting used to. In my head being a wife meant being a housewife, a stereotypical iron his shirts and make breakfast every morning housewife. I’ve come to realize, however, that there is no such thing as a stereotypical wife.

As wives, we are all so much more than a maid, a sexual partner, or a chef. A marriage is a complicated, dynamic, challenging, delightful thing to be a part of if we can get out of our own heads and not throw our issues and expectations onto our husbands.

What being a Wife means to me

  • Support his goals and dreams
  • Give him opportunities to support my goals and dreams
  • Plan and execute date nights
  • Prioritize him over the children (when appropriate)
  • Look at him as a person in need of love and security
  • Pursue my own health and well-being knowing that “happy wife = happy life”
  • Communicate clearly and regularly what’s going on in our household
  • Ask him for what I need from him
  • Ask him what he needs from me
  • Set him up for success
  • Learn his love language
  • Share with him my love language
  • Understand that he changes as much as I do

He makes the living and I make the living worthwhile = partnership